Mission Driven

Debt. A stressful job. Caring for an aging parent. Even a bad sex life. We know these things impact our health and productivity, yet they are often overlooked by the healthcare industry.  Eliza has developed a series of interactive surveys that yield actionable data on the prevalence and impact of these “Unmentionables” on productivity, health, and wellbeing. It’s valuable research that highlights the opportunities we have as an industry to improve the way we approach these issues for the people we serve.

Engage With Grace is a non-profit, viral movement whose mission is to help every one of us better understand, communicate, and have honored our end-of-life wishes. This mission-driven movement reflects Eliza Corporation’s belief that engaging people in often difficult conversations can have a positive impact on overall health and wellbeing.

Seduce Health is a non-profit, web-based movement that aims to reframe how the healthcare industry communicates with the people it serves. Join the conversation by sharing your own examples of both great and no-so-great healthcare communications.

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