The Vulnerability Index: Quantifying the prevalence and impact of contextual life factors

On some level, we all know that the real-life challenges we might face - such as caring for an aging parent, or dealing with financial stress -- keeps us from being our best.

Eliza Corporation, in partnership with Altarum Institute, has conducted research that proves that these life factors (which are often unrecognized by the healthcare industry), do in fact have a clear impact on health and productivity.

This paper shares key findings on the topic, including:

  • Vulnerability – as defined by the life context issues an individual faces and their ability to cope – is a key predictor of health and healthcare spending  
  • Vulnerability is significantly associated with an increased likelihood of some conditions – most markedly mental health, lower back pain, and diabetes  
  • Vulnerability is significantly associated with healthcare costs  
  • Vulnerability is associated with consumer satisfaction and retention 
  • People are eager for help and will engage with a survey instrument that can assess - and help address - their Vulnerability 


Eliza Corporation Vulnerability Index whitepaper
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